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Based out of Mumbai, India we're a team of mind hackers who are here to bring you a wider range of nootropics, for the lowest price possible. This doesn't mean we lack out on customer service, in fact we pride ourselves on our response times. Keep in mind, we don't just sell nootropics, we are avid consumers as well. Since we know from our own experience the competitive advantages these products deliver, we want everyone else to enjoy them as well.

Most importantly, we wanted to share with you our for Modafinil!

Our Team

As a team of 4, we are always working together. Our office is based in the cloud and we stretch across three different time zones so you can be sure of super quick support.
We're also proud to honor those who volunteer their time to help resolve queries, this is our very own First Line Support team. With thousands of questions asked daily, they help to resolve most things within seconds!


Be sure to also follow our Twitter, we post competitions and useful information here!

Be sure to also follow our Twitter and join our Discord, we post competitions and useful information here!

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